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Maybe the best sarcastic conversation in tv history 

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Ms. Hudson describing the new book arrangement. “That way, Physics by Aristotle is as far away from You Can Learn Telepathy Morton Zuckerman as possible.”

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Cat gets comfy in box - Video

A box is a box, no matter how small.

box kitty’s disgruntled expression after other kitty passes by is killing me.  

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“Once I did an Anne Rice novel, called VITTORIO, THE VAMPIRE. I had to do a scene where a teenage vampire was having sex for the first time, or was being bitten, maybe a combination of both, and it was so intense that they had to stop because they thought I was going to hyperventilate. I was doing lots of breathy vampire acting, and I was starting to fall off the chair. That was my most perilous moment in audiobooks.”

Alan Cumming on Narration [x] (via yunafire)

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